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MACHINE BUILDING and automation

In today’s competitive and fast-paced world, industries across the globe are constantly seeking to get an edge over their competitors by enhancing their production processes and increasing efficiency with automation, while maintaining high standards of quality.

At VIAL Automation, we understand these evolving needs and specialize in providing high-tech machine building and automation services. With a strong focus on ultrasonic integration, high-precision robotics, and a commitment to sustainability, our small yet ambitious company is making its mark on the manufacturing landscape.

Expertise in ultrasonic integration and high-precision robotics

We take great pride in our expertise in ultrasonic technology integration, as it is our premier field of development. By integrating ultrasonic technology, we empower our clients to achieve seamless bonding, cutting, welding, and sealing processes, ensuring superior quality and consistency in their end products.

Automatic robots free up human hands to focus on other tasks. And high-precision robotics solutions, such as the latest generation of Delta Robots manufactured by our partners at Weiss GmbH, take it even further. This cutting-edge technology enables us to develop machines that perform intricate tasks with unparalleled precision and reliability.

Building an automation machine for the pharmaceutical industry

Our latest automated line is designed for the assembly and testing of special pharmacy tools. These require significant precision and speed in the numerous robotic manipulations, to achieve effective production. We were able to realize this solution by implementing the latest generation of Delta robots from Weiss GmbH, which can perform multiple precise operations each second.

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This project would not be possible without a renowned Slovenian manufacturer, who entrusted us with this project, and our awesome partners for supporting us on this journey.

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